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Food For Thought Scrip Program

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Purchasing FFT allows you to provide such a gift to OLMC without one penny of additional cost to you.

What is Food For Thought?
It's a fundraising program that raises money for OLMC through the sale of gift cards.

What gift cards are available?
We offer gift cards for all major supermarkets and approximately 50 other retail stores and restaurants.

How do the gift cards work?
Gift cards are available for purchase through the school and after all weekend masses. Purchase the amount you intend to spend at the store or restaurant and simply use the gift card in place of cash or check. It really is that easy!!

How much does it cost me to participate?
Nothing! If you purchase $100.00, you receive $100.00 in gift cards.

What can I purchase with my gift cards?
You may purchase almost everything the store has to offer: Disallowed items include: stamps, lottery tickets and money orders.

Where does the profit go?
The profits support OLMC School. If you purchase scrip equaling $175 in profit for OLMC you are now eligible for a rebate of 50 percent of any additional profit you accrue.

Remember, you already spend this money. Rather than paying cash or writing a check to a store, use that same cash or check to purchase your gift cards in advance, and redeem them at the participating stores and restaurants. It is a gift you can freely give to our school. All you have to do is a little planning and we make the program very accessible so it's easy for you to participate!

The choice of giving the gift is yours.

Please purchase Food for Thought gift cards and support our school.

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Why choose a Catholic education?

Selecting a school for your children is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic School believes in providing a holistic Catholic Christian environment that serves the soul, mind and body of each student we serve. OLMC strives to foster an environment that promotes Faith & Tradition, Citizenship, Knowledge, Service, and Opportunities for all students through the implementation of the school’s Student Learning Expectations (SLE’s). Our goal is to prepare each student who graduates from OLMC to be:

A Faith Follower who:

  • demonstrates knowledge of Catholic teachings and traditions
  • is an active participant in a community of faith
  • gives to those in need
  • develops a morality based on Catholic values

A Responsible Citizen who:

  • knows and uses the Discipline With Purpose skills
  • explores concepts, ideas, and issues that have significance in the student’s life
  • shows respect for authority
  • demonstrates school and civic responsibility
  • expresses patriotism
  • models positive sportsmanship and team building behaviors

An Effective Communicator who:

  • applies listening skills
  • uses oral and written language effectively
  • demonstrates a foundation for communicating in a second language
  • exhibits creativity and talents through self-expression

A Critical Thinker and Problem Solver who:

  • anticipates and assesses problems
  • applies complex problem solving and critical thinking to real life scenarios
  • integrates information learned across the curriculum
  • demonstrates the use of cognitive organizers

A Quality Producer who:

  • works both independently and cooperatively
  • uses technology skillfully and effectively
  • identifies, organizes and accomplishes realistic goals

If you and your child are interested in learning more about our school, please call us at 480-967-5567 to schedule a campus tour or “shadow” day where your child can participate in the classroom activities for a day.