Tuition Information

2021-2022 Summary of Tuition and Fees

Tuition Rates (Kindergarten through Grade 8) 1 Student 2 Students 3 Students*
Standard Tuition
$7,350 $14,700 $22,050
Members of OLMC OR Members of another Roman Catholic Parish with verification. $5,700 $11,000 $15,900

*Each additional student may incur tuition charges not to exceed the standard tuition rate (per student) for 1 student.

(Non-Refundable) Fee Schedule

Item Fee
Registration Fee $300 per family ($150 for Early Registration)
Consolidated Fee $65 per student
Book/Technology Fee $250 per student (due at application time for new family)
Kindergarten Surcharge $100 per student
Application Fee $30 per student
7th Grade Jr High Fee $150 per student
8th Grade Jr High Fee $150 per student